Monday, March 30, 2015

#SOL15: March 30, 2015

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What I Needed. 

I must admit that I have not posted the past several days. I have been busy with visiting family, friends, and traveling home. All of this is exactly what I needed. 

I spent time with one of my best friends in New York City. We ate good food, hung out with more friends, and just talked. It was exactly what I needed. 

I spent time traveling back home. I always find that I am extremely anxious to get home to my puppies and my comfortable bed. I was reminded where home currently is. It was exactly what I needed. 

Today, I spent time with family that I haven't seen in a very long time. We watched the sunset, walked around the Hotel del Coronado, and caught up on life. It was exactly what I needed. 

Sometimes what we need is just time with the people and places that are most familiar to us. This spring break has brought exactly that. 


  1. Excellent! You connected with friends and family and now you are recharged. What a great feeling!